Silucia Luncionno

"Some things in life cannot be fixed - they can only be carried."

General Information

"What everyone else knows about me you may know. The rest.... well, you'll have to work for it won't you, darling?"


"I have acquaintances. A few friends... but never lovers. Never those."

RP Hooks

"What do I enjoy? Whiskey, top shelf if you must know - but if you want the trivialities... I suppose."


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General Information

Chaotic Neutral
** Race/Tribe**
Au Ra - Dotharl/Mol.
Common, Xaelic, Doman/Hingan, Sign-language.
Marital Status
Aetherical/Non-Aetherical Healer and Surgeon. Works as a personal chirurgeon for Zekh'ir Vhalyn and Hale Valencia.
Physical Information
Once riddled with scars, it seems that Silucia has lately taken care of this problem. Her skin is flawless... almost too flawless.
Silucia carries two relic-type items with her at all times. One is an unbound Book that only she can open safely. While she is no longer in danger from the Book, it poses a vast threat to those around her. The second is a blade of compressed aether that deadens the aether of anything it pierces - no matter how slight the pierce.


✤ - Friend || ❅ - Enemy || ‽ - Unsure/Complicated ||✦ - Good Terms
✛ - Bad Terms || ❧ - Best/Close Friend || ღ - Lover || ♣ - Indebted
♥ - Mate || ✹ - Business Partner || ✥ - Acquaintance

Zekh'ir Vhalyn

♣ ‽

What started out as just a business transaction, ended up turning into an odd sense of fondness. While he isn't her favorite, she also doesn't outright dismiss him anymore either.

Hale Valencia

✹ ♣ ‽

Her employer, and subsequently, someone she also employs. Their relationship is odd and rather complex. He's useful to her, and so she tolerates him.... Just barely.

RP Hooks

Silucia is obsessed with knowledge. Knowledge that is good, or forbidden alike. She believes that as long as one does not use the knowledge they have gained that knowledge is harmless. It only becomes harmful, once it is put to use.
Silucia longs to travel as she used to - leaving behind her troubles to enjoy the world at large. If you've a mind for traveling and a passion for the unknown, then Silucia would probably get along with you.
Silucia enjoys making tea for others - friends or acquaintances. Yet, she's gotten to where she doesn't actually care for the beverage, for reasons she won't state.
Alcohol and Dancing
Currently, Silucia is an alcoholic. The girl seeks out any bars or nightclubs she can. She has a bit of a problem. Do you like to drink? Awesome! You two will get along just fine.
Do you like to fight? Test your mettle? Go into ruins? Hunt? Search for danger? What a coincidence - so does she. Her Dotharl roots show very heavily in the bloodlust that shows up in Silucia when she's given the chance to jump into the middle of a fight. Never one for violence before, now... it seems to be something she all but craves.
Black Market Relics
Silucia loves black market relics or cursed objects. In fact, she'll pay you a pretty penny for them, or just slit your throat. Whatever works in her favor.
Enchantments, Biochemical Experimentation, Specialized Aetheric Cleansing Silucia deals primarily in enchantments, inventions, experimentation, and cleansing. This former surgeon can put you together... or take someone else apart for you. Whatever your needs... she can help you. For a price.

OOC Information

  • I will write just about all RP, provided there is communication OOCly about what you're comfortable with and not comfortable with. I do not write anything that is considered underage/OOCly illegal, so don't ask me to do so.

  • I prefer organic relationships for Silucia. Friendships do not happen overnight, and even though I am open to romantic relationships for her - your character will have to convince her. It doesn't happen quickly, so just be prepared to put in the work if that's what you want for your character. And as always, communication is appreciated.

  • The player is 21+, therefore I will not write with anyone that is not over the age of 18. This is for your protection and for mine.

  • I do not - and will not - do Discord RP except on extremely rare occasions. I have discovered over time that it generally gets forgotten, is unfinished, or that I am unmotivated if not directly focusing. I only RP in-game.

  • I am a paragraph writer and as such tend to write between 1-3 paragraphs. If this is off-putting to you, RP'ing with me may not be best.

  • My OC preferences are not my RL preferences. If you're looking for an OOC romantic relationship or blending, do not look here. If you are guilty of bleeding or blending, DO NOT SEEK ME OUT PLEASE. I'm always looking for friends and people to hang out with, but I'm not a fan of blending/bleeding. Please don't do it. Thank you.

  • SILUCIA IS AN ANTAGONIST. My OOC beliefs do not necessarily align with my character's beliefs. IC =/= OOC. Silucia is oftentimes considered to be antagonistic and a pain in the ass. Please do not transfer that over to OOC. Thanks!

  • If you wish to contact me on Discord about RP'ing with me, I'd be happy to discuss it! My Discord handle is: Saeas.

About ERP

  • Do you write ERP? Yes, I write it.

  • Do you write randomly, with just anyone? No, I do not write it unless she's in a relationship with someone or it comes about naturally. (Unless she's working as a courtesan at a venue, etc.)

  • Do you write ERP without discussing it with your RP partner? No, I will not write it without discussing with someone first if they're comfortable with it. If it looks as if it's heading down that road, then absolutely there would be discussion. If there's even the slightest hint of discomfort, it's off the table.

  • Why would you write ERP? Sex is a natural part of our lives, and therefore it makes sense that it would be a natural part of the character's life.

  • Would you do FTB's instead? Yes, I do FTB's if it's preferred. And sometimes, a good FTB is way better than actually writing everything out.

  • Final Notes: I am not sorry that I enjoy this style of writing. It also does not mean you have to throw holy water at me and salt the ground. I do not write with uninterested parties and I don't push the point. If you bleed and blend, I'm not going to write with you. Thanks for coming to my Q&A.